Announcement: Dr. Brian G. Pihack part time #astronomer, chiropractor & #StarTrek fan joins #MOTM tonight at 8p ET!

Announcement: Dr. Brian G. Pihack part time #astronomer, chiropractor & #StarTrek fan joins #MOTM tonight at 8p ET!

Dr. Brian Pihack

By profession, a Chiropractor in the Niagara Region for 35 years. That being said, a birthday gift of a telescope at the age of 12, fostered a desire to learn astronomy that has become a passion, turned obsession, became a way of life, and he joins us on “Matters Of The Mind” with Dr. Peter Sacco and Todd Miller to discuss this exciting passion, the many phenomena that can impact us on a daily basis, and just if/when we are going to be wiped out by a comet ūüėȬ†

A retired President of the Niagara Centre of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, has taught observational Astronomy in grade schools, High schools, and University. Spent 5 years as a National Representative to the R.A.S.C..

Brian has become the “go to” person for Newspapers, Radio stations, and T.V., when something out of the normal happens, ……..astronomically speaking.

Brian is¬†as well is a retired President of the Niagara Geological society, and a paleontological director of the same group. His specialty; Eurypterids; fossils that were fossils 370 million years before T-rex walked the earth. To round out the “geek”, Brian is a heritage Blacksmith. You can find him at Historical Museum’s forges and the occasional fort, demonstrating this nearly lost art, while blending in “Black Holes”, into the mix…

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