Sticky: Florence Ann Romano #author of “Nanny and Me” joins #MOTM tonight at 8p ET!

Sticky: Florence Ann Romano #author of “Nanny and Me” joins #MOTM tonight at 8p ET!

BookCover_NannyAndMeFlorence Ann Romano started working as a nanny when she was just 12 years old, and now she’s sharing those cherished memories in her debut book for children making the transition from being cared for solely by their parents to having a nanny in their home.  Florence joins Dr. Peter Sacco and Todd Miller on “Matters Of The Mind” tonight at 8p ET to discuss her experience as both a nanny and now author!

“Nanny and Me” (May 2015, Mascot Books) is a story told through the eyes of a young girl about all of the adventures she and her little brother have with their nanny. Romano modeled the nanny in her book after herself, and each scene was inspired by her personal experiences caring for children.
Romano wants children to read “Nanny and Me” – or have it read to them – and feel a sense of excitement, peace and joy wash over them. The modern day Mary Poppins wants kids to look forward to the time they spend with their new friend, and most of all, wants them to feel loved.

“I don’t want them to be afraid or upset; or for them to think they did something wrong; or
think that Mommy and Daddy don’t love them enough to care for them,” she says.
“I want this transition to be a sweet one…something to look forward to and treasure; and I want the kids to understand that the nanny is an extension of their parents.”
Romano describes a nanny as “someone who can care for your child, love your child, be invested in your child and protect your child just as you, the parent, would.”
“The nanny is Mom and Dad’s eyes, ears and heart,”she adds. Romano hopes parents get just as much out of her book as the children, if not more.


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