Announcement: Janet King, Chief Kids Officer of guests on “#MOTM” tonight at 8p ET on!

Announcement: Janet King, Chief Kids Officer of guests on “#MOTM” tonight at 8p ET on!

kids now

kids nowKids Now builds self-esteem and leadership skills in grade 7 & 8 students to help them become confident, resilient youth who can transition successfully into high school and prepare for a brighter future.

Created by a Canadian educator in 1999, who saw a need to complement the existing school curriculum with life skills development, Kids Now has a proud tradition of helping vulnerable youth, their families and communities.  Over 15,000 youth have taken positive steps toward better futures by participating in the Kids Now program.

Kids Now delivers a free after-school life-skills and leadership mentoring program to grade 7 and 8 students. Our program builds resiliency in youth so they can steer away from negative influences and build important skills that will help them transition with greater confidence into high school and beyond.

This is a preventive & proactive program that builds self-esteem and leadership abilities, develops positive mental well-being, encourages healthy thinking and builds resiliency.  The program enables youth to cope with and overcome key challenges today like bullying, peer pressure, school/family issues, stress, anxiety, drugs and alcohol.

And Janet King joins Matters Of The Mind tonight at 8 to tell us more!  We chatted about bullying, cyber bullying, self esteem, decision making and more.

Contact Kids Now Canada

1500 Avenue Rd.  P.O. Box 1314
Toronto, Ontario
M5M 0A1

telephone: 416.488.4848
toll free: 1.877.407.4848
fax: 647.436.3129

We also have our weekly chat with Ellen Campbell from the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness, this week talking about their upcoming 13 days of Christmas, sponsored by our friends at Q107 and John Derringer in particular.  This is the 11th year this tremendous event has taken place!  As well, big props to FedEx for sponsoring the “Delivering Hope” program at the CCAA, delivering hope and furniture to needy women and families.  Bravo!

Hear Janet King and Ellen Campbell on “Matters Of The Mind” with Dr. Peter Sacco at 8p EST on Wednesday by clicking the Listen Live button at the top right of the page, but if you miss it, it will be on demand Thursday, right here, or find us on iTunes podcast at

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