Jeff Liberty, host of CBC’s “Take Liberty” and mental health advocate joins #MOTM tonight at 8 pm ET!

Jeff Liberty, host of CBC’s “Take Liberty” and mental health advocate joins #MOTM tonight at 8 pm ET!

jeff liberty CBCWhat an incredible interview today!  Getting to chat with radio host, publicist and promoter, TV host and self proclaimed “if you need something sold, I can sell it!” salesman Jeff Liberty, was a true honour today.  I won’t type too much here, but Jeff has experienced some horrific things in his life that lead to a year long battle with depression, including losing his house, his kids into care, being placed on suicide watch, drinking to numb the pain, and more.  We delved into his incredible journey to healing and as he says he’s in ‘remission’ from depression, and like any other illness, always aware of his triggers, always protective of his mental health. He also takes care of his body and soul, while also practicing gratitude – just being thankful for the small things in life, like the beautiful blue sky he noticed today while on our show, and celebrating his daughter’s graduation this week.  It’s the small stuff that counts…#libertyslostyear

Jeff reaches out continuously to share his story with schools in New Brunswick and has shared the stage with Clara Hughes, another shining Canadian star in the battle to remove the stigma of mental dis-ease.

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We also have our weekly chat with Ellen Campbell from the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness, this week talking about ‘Safe Haven’, an initiative in the US to ensure that mothers that don’t want their babies can drop them off safely at a hospital OR have an ambulance pick them them as “Jane Doe” and take them to hospital to deliver the babies with NO criminal charges.  Ellen believes we need this here and it is legal in Canada to do this, but the policies need to be put in place in Ontario to communicate this to EMS, hospitals and law enforcement.

Hear Jeff Liberty and Ellen Campbell on “Matters Of The Mind” with Dr. Peter Sacco at 8p EST on Wednesday by clicking the Listen Live button at the top right of the page, but if you miss it, it will be on demand Thursday, right here, or find us on iTunes podcast at


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