“Joey Pants”, actor Joe Pantoliano from The Sopranos & The Matrix, joins us to talk about mental health on “Matters Of The Mind”, Wed. 8p ET!

“Joey Pants”, actor Joe Pantoliano from The Sopranos & The Matrix, joins us to talk about mental health on “Matters Of The Mind”, Wed. 8p ET!

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We all know what a very fine actor Joe Pantoliano is, in fact, he’s been rewarded with many nominations and an Emmy for excellence at his craft, specifically for The Sopranos!  He’s been in some of the biggest movies such as The Matrix, The Fugitive, Memento, Risky Business, one of my guilty pleasures Eddie & The Cruisers, and was even a featured voice in Racing Stripes!  But, did you know….

He suffered through the 90’s with clinical depression, but was only recently diagnosed?  And, unlike SO many others that suffer with depression, Joe decided to do something about it.  What could he do?  TALK, announce on the National Alliance on Mental Illness blog that he had been suffering from clinical depression for the last decade, and try and remove the stigma of depression and mental illness, as they are afflictions that people struggle with, and often they will try and pass it off as something else.  He also addresses his addictions to alcohol, food, sex, Vicodin and Percocet that were the external manifestations of his depression.  Could Joe do more?  Absolutely…

How about establishing a not-for-profit organization called No Kidding, Me Too!  to unite members of the entertainment industry in educating the public about mental illness.  The name came from the reaction Joe would get when he would share his challenges with others.  Could Joe do MORE?  Read on…

How about making his directorial debut not on some blockbuster but on an amazing documentary called, funny enough, No Kidding Me 2!  From the NKM2 website:

“This empowering film sheds light on what nearly 100 million Americans suffer in isolation. Through candid, often humorous discussions with Pantoliano and his family on their struggle with his own clinical depression, as well as the compelling stories of five other people from all walks of life, all affected differently by mental illness: a brain surgeon with bipolar disorder, a psychologist with ADHD, and three high school students managing bipolar disorder and clinical depression.”

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Could Joe do MORE  still?  Yes!  How about chatting with Dr. Peter Sacco and Todd Miller about all of the above?  Tune in @ 8p ET on Wednesday Dec 4th to hear Joe in conversation…and if you miss it, don’t forget it will be On Demand Thursday right here ==>

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