Sticky: Kimberly Moran, Pres. & CEO of CMHO joins #MOTM to discuss kids #mentalhealth at 8p ET!

Sticky: Kimberly Moran, Pres. & CEO of CMHO joins #MOTM to discuss kids #mentalhealth at 8p ET!

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cmho logoChildren’s mental health services in Canada, and especially in Ontario, are in crisis.  Autism, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicide rates are climbing.  Government funding is in some cases decreasing, as dwindling government revenues are shared amongst many priorities.  That’s where the Kimberly Moran & the CMHO come in.  Kimberly joins Dr. Peter Sacco and Todd Miller tonight at 8p ET to share her story, and the story of the CMHO.  As an advocate, the CMHO speaks collectively for hundreds of agencies across the province, by strengthening the financial and operating capacity of Children’s Mental Health Ontario’s member agencies; Build awareness and understanding of child and youth mental health among Ontario’s general public, government and allied professionals; Improve services and outcomes for children and youth with mental health problems; Develop the financial and organizational capacity necessary to ensure the achievement of Children’s Mental Health Ontario’s strategic plan.  Kimberly as President and CEO steers the ship, providing first hand experience of navigating the waters of the mental health system in Ontario.  Her story is not unique…that she decided to head up an agency that impacts so many lives, is.  Click the link below to read an Op Ed in the Ottawa Citizen from May 16th:

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CCAAAlso on today’s show, Ellen Campbell, CEO and Founder of joins us to talk about the founding of the CCAA, as she shares her own story of childhood sexual abuse, the long road to recovery, and the impacts on her life.  As well, she relates the wonderful work that the CCAA and its member agencies do daily, to help victims of all types of abuse get the help they so desperately need, and to raise awareness and change the perceptions of abuse in society.

Ellen or Helena from the CCAA will be joining us each week to shine the spotlight on their work.

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Hear Kimberly and Ellen on “Matters Of The Mind” with Dr. Peter Sacco at 8p EST on Wednesday by clicking the Listen Live button at the top right of the page, but if you miss it, it will be on demand Thursday, right here, or find us on iTunes podcast at


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