Sticky: Krish K. S. Ram, #author of “Warrior, The Bipolar Battle, A Memoir” joins #MOTM tonight at 8p ET to talk #depression!

Sticky: Krish K. S. Ram, #author of “Warrior, The Bipolar Battle, A Memoir” joins #MOTM tonight at 8p ET to talk #depression!

warrior“All my life, I had been known for my mind, and now the only thing I trusted was going out of control.”—K.S. Ram

What an inspiring guest to have on #MOTM tonight!

Krish ‘K.S.’ Ram was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2002 and found himself suffering from depression and anxiety. After seven years of treatment through medication, rehabilitation and therapy, he was stable and functioning again. That is, until the illness came back. Upon its relapse, Krish found himself surrounded by the shambles of his home and arranged marriage. He decided to leave everything behind and search for control over his illness and life.  And tonight on Matters Of The Mind with Dr. Peter Sacco and Todd Miller,  Krish shares his personal journey with insight, information and humour to dispel the stigma that Bipolar disorder, or Manic Depression as he prefers to call it. is a death sentence.

Searching to understand and overcome his battle with bipolar disorder, Krish embarked on a three-year journey through five countries on three continents, from a village in his homeland of India, krishto the mysterious Wudang Mountains in China and beyond.

Dark and emotional, yet filled with inspiration and hope, WARRIOR: The Bipolar Battle is his story of triumphing over adversity against all odds and realizing that no matter how dark it gets, no matter how low you fall, there is hope. There is a way out. His mission is to inspire and teach others who are caught in the vortex of daily struggle.

Krish was honest, and discussed his own constant battle to get up out of bed each day, to not give up and make a difference.

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