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Joey Pants | Joe Pantoliano on ‘Matters Of The Mind’

Why is Listen UP the “Brave New World” of Talk Radio?

Because we are respectful, holistic, non-confrontational, informative, passionate, energizing, timely, thought and action provoking… Just SOME of the terms to describe what our vision of Talk Radio could be, and now IS.  We’re not about minimizing your position, or being contrary JUST to be contrary.  It’s time for some helpful, USEFUL information radio.  Sure, we discuss the issues of the day, but we do it to enlighten and educate, not to be dismissive or disrespectful.  Someone had to do it.  We also have industry thought leaders hosting shows that engage, teach and promote.

Highlight shows are broadcast at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 am; 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 pm, with new shows according to the schedule.  In between shows, you can enjoy some amazing music created specifically for the Public Domain.  And, if you missed a show, hit the On Demand link on any show host page to enjoy a re-roll!

Stand OUT from the crowd, be part of a growing revolution and host your own show on Listen UP!  Engage with your customer base and audience on a weekly basis…share tips, tools and advice to keep and grow your fan base.  Ask us how…

A showcase for our ramblings…

Sticky: Marcia Goldman #Author of “Lola” series & #ASD specialist joins #MOTM tonight at 8p ET!

Marcia Goldman has her Masters Degree in Special Education and has spent the last 25 years focusing on providing therapeutic-based

Sticky: Garrett Gamble signs 1 day contract with The Leafs, and Yogi Akal for pt 3 of his Yogic Numerology insight, 8p ET on “Chuck’s World”! #TMLTalk

11 year old Garrett Gamble of the Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation, northeast of Saskatoon signed a one-day contract as the team’s puck dropper last Saturday.

Sticky: Yogi Akal is our guest tonight on Chuck’s World, Yogic Numerology and how it can help the Toronto Maple Leafs! #TMLTalk

Yogi Akal, Master of Yogic Numerology joins Chuck Bastie and Todd Miller on tonight’s “Chuck’s World Of Infinite Mojo” at

WIN National #Home Show & Canada Blooms Tix as we discuss #RealEstate headlines & home ownership Sun @ 4p EST!

Can you believe it?  The average price of a detached home in the City of Toronto has surpassed $1,000,000!  Ora

Sticky: #TML goalie James Reimer joins Chuck’s World tonight at 8p EST to talk…charity! And personal growth…and a bit of hockey ;-)

Toronto Maple Leafs netminder James Reimer joins Chuck Bastie and Todd Miller to talk about his charity Ramona’s Reach at

Sticky: Nina Gaby, #author of “Dumped: Stories of Women Unfriending Women” joins Matters Of The Mind tonight at 8p EST!

Nina Gaby, editor of the the book “Dumped: Stories of Women Unfriending Women”, chats with Dr. Peter Sacco and Todd

Sticky: Dr. Neil Spector, who almost died due to #misdiagnosis joins “Matters Of The Mind” tonight @ 8p EST!

Neil Spector is a leading oncologist at Duke University Medical Center whose terrifying misdiagnosis almost resulted in his death. His

Sticky: Craig Patrick, ex Penguins GM and Ass’t coach for Team USA “Miracle On Ice” joins Chuck’s World tonight at 8p EST!

Craig Patrick (born May 20, 1946) is an American former hockey player, coach and general manager, the son of Lynn

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