Sticky: Patricia Harman, #author & #midwife talks #midwifery and her #books tonight at 8p ET on “Matters Of The Mind”!

Sticky: Patricia Harman, #author & #midwife talks #midwifery and her #books tonight at 8p ET on “Matters Of The Mind”!

patricia harmanWho knew there was so much fascinating information that could be learned from a midwife?  And one that also is a USA Today bestselling one too!  Patricia Harman is our guest tonight on “Matters Of The Mind” with Dr. Peter Sacco, and we touch upon what a midwife does, what kind of training they can receive (as we found out there are various kinds of midwives), how much they can actually do, the various benefits and risks of home birthing, AND…finally, we talked about her historical novels about a reluctant midwife 🙂  Is midwifery on the upswing and becoming more popular

Patricia is a wealth of knowledge, and supports both the pregnant mom and her partner, almost equally.  Obviously, the pregnant mom requires more direct assistance, but can be a great help to a nervous, new father about what to do and NOT to do during the birth event.  Good advice 🙂  Also, a midwife does not replace a partner during birthing, but becomes a director of sorts, an adviser, a coach.

We also discussed how midwives can also potentially be pseudo psychologists, therapists, coaches and more during both the prenatal time, and post natal as well, as they typically spend more time with their patients than an OB/GYN does, due to various factors, none of which is poor care, but availability as well.

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