Announcement: Rugger Burke #author of “The Power of 10” guests on “#MOTM” tonight at 8p ET on!

Announcement: Rugger Burke #author of “The Power of 10” guests on “#MOTM” tonight at 8p ET on!

the power of 10
Rugger Burke:Rugger Burke
The Power of 10, Rugger Burke (wisdom, inspirational, nonfiction, adult)

The Power of 10 is a practice for engaging the voice of wisdom through inquiry and advocacy. Inquiry raises our awareness of what is through inviting us to examine our current state of being; advocacy prompts us to live into what is possible.
Together, inquiry and advocacy evoke the voice of wisdom–the quiet, still voice inside us, the confluence of knowledge, experience, and insight flowing through all living beings that speaks through our bodies, hearts, and minds. As we learn to listen to it closely, the voice of wisdom reveals our true nature and purpose, calls on us to commit to something greater, and guides us toward being our best selves in every thought, word, and action.
At its heart, The Power of 10 sensitizes us to our own, unique purpose, and helps us discover that spark of the divine at the core of our being. Put simply, it is a practice for engaging your voice of wisdom to become the greatest you–the you who is meant to be.

We chatted with Rugger about how the book is structured to enable you to make progress each day, so that you are not overwhelmed, but that you see gradual progress, all the time!

We also chatted about being deliberate vs. cautious, and how Rugger himself did not start down this path of intentional living until some life crises caused him to reevaluate where he was headed.

To find out more about Rugger, please visit: The Power of 10 on Amazon

We also have our weekly chat with Ellen Campbell from the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness, this week talking about their upcoming workshop men that wish to move past being physically and sexually abused, and Ellen shares a bit more about her story.

Hear Rugger Burke and Ellen Campbell on “Matters Of The Mind” with Dr. Peter Sacco at 8p EST on Wednesday by clicking the Listen Live button at the top right of the page, but if you miss it, it will be on demand Thursday, right here, or find us on iTunes podcast at

Rugger Burke at Tedx:

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