Sticky: Sanderson Layng from & the #CCAA joins “Matters Of The Mind” at 8p EST to discuss #bullying!

Sticky: Sanderson Layng from & the #CCAA joins “Matters Of The Mind” at 8p EST to discuss #bullying!

CCAA LogoThe fantastic President of the Canadian Centre For Abuse Awareness, Sanderson Layng, joins Dr. Peter Sacco and Todd Miller tonight at 8p EST to discuss all aspects of #bullying, both ‘real’ and cyberbullying.  The real costs are astronomical, and the impacts very real, as Sanderson relays one story of a particular family that needed to move from the US to Canada to escape bullying.

From the CCAA website:

“Over 20 years ago, Ellen Campbell approached Sanderson Layng at a police conference and introduced the concept of a national organization addressing the needs of sexual abuse survivors.  At the time, Sanderson was serving as president of the Alliance for a Drug-Free Canada , a national corporately supported charity that focused on issues related to drugs and alcohol in the workplace.  Ellen helped  Sanderson to understand the relationship between drug abuse and the trauma that comes as a result of childhood sexual abuse.

Ellen asked Sanderson to help her create a new organization including incorporation and a Board of Directors.  The new organization would be survivor friendly with a mandate to always put survivors first in all planning and programs. Sanderson agreed and became the first Chairman of the Board, a position he was elected to for 12 consecutive years by his fellow Directors.  In recognition of his service as Chair of CCAA, Sanderson was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for service to Canadians and Canada.

In 1999, when Ken Dryden, president  of the Toronto Maple Leafs, needed expert assistance with the sex abuse scandal brought to public attention by Martin Kruze, it was Sanderson who was hired by the Maple Leafs to set up a counselling program to respond to the needs of those survivors.   The innovative model adopted for this approach is now a template for other programs working with abuse survivors including CCAA’s work with First Nations survivors of residential school abuse.

Sanderson resigned as Chair in 2005 but continued to serve as Past Chair and Executive Vice-Chair on the Board.  In May of 2009, the Directors asked Sanderson to work more directly with the organization to look after administration and compliance as well as operations which led to him to serving as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

During this time, Sanderson maintained his own career undertakings as an award winning television producer and he still serves today as the Executive Producer of “Living Clean Living Well”, CCAA’s weekly live television show on the CTS television network.  This show is the only one of its kind in Canada dealing with abuse, addictions and mental health issues.  In 2012, “Living Clean Living Well” was awarded the Peter Armstrong Award of Excellence for Community Service.

Sanderson was appointed President on June 1st, 2013.”

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Hear Sanderson on “Matters Of The Mind” with Dr. Peter Sacco, at 8p EST on Wednesday, but if you miss it, it will be on demand Thursday, right here!
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