online radio usageOnline radio listening jumped to an average of 12 hours per week, and it will continue to grow, and marketing is shifting to audio on the web…

Let’s face it…online is here to stay.  More people are discovering the possibilities of radio on the web – engaging, daring, exciting, unpredictable and diverse!

The weekly online radio audience has again exploded in the last year, to about 86 million Americans aged 12+. One in five Americans aged 25 to 54 years old listen to online radio on a weekly basis – an all-time high. Awareness of both satellite radio companies remains essentially flat for the third year in a row at around 60 percent. Online radio is showing up in the Arbitron ratings, thanks to Portable People Meter™ (PPM™) measurement.


Are ad agencies and advertisers sold on promoting their goods and services online? According to this Arbitron study, released at the USC/Inside Radio Internet Conference 2000, over three-quarters of advertising agencies buy online advertisements on behalf of their clients, and one-out-of-five who buy online have placed webcast ads.

Listen UP is a brand new online Talk / Info station, created due to the increasing demand for Talk / Info shows.  All shows on Listen UP were originally aired on Radio That Doesn’t, but quickly outgrew programming slots.  Listen UP will now broadcast all of the current and new shows that were to be broadcast on RTDS, and it will return to its roots of diverse, format and commercial free music.  Shows air at a prescribed time, then become available for on demand and downloading via podcasting.  Extensive cross promotion will occur between Listen Up and RTDS, as well as extensive promotion on YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  We’re also easy to remember:

Listen UP’s programming includes “Real Estate Toronto”, featuring one of Toronto’s most successful real estate agents, Ora Ross; “Mental Health Matters” featuring prominent psychologist and huge sports fans Dr. Peter Sacco; “Chuck’s World Of Infinite Mojo” featuring Chuck Bastie, who has interviewed Jeremy Roenick, Sandy Hawley, and will soon be chatting with Ron MacLean, Don Cherry and Paul Henderson; the “Small Business Big Ideas Show” with host David Cohen, who has interviewed Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Michael Gerber and more; and the return of The Motts to the Toronto market!.


85,000 Average Total Listening Hours per month, NOT including On Demand and replay

10,000 unique visitors per month (RTDS)

2.1 Million hits per month (RTDS)

1820 Facebook Fans and 1,150,000 friends of Fans for exposure

Demo 1: 45-54, Male

Demo : 13-17, Male

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Todd Miller, Chief Creative Officer of Radio That Doesn’t Suck Inc./Listen UP!

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